Tulsa Central High School
Tulsa, Oklahoma

The Hall of Fame induction ceremony is held every 3 years or as determined by the Foundation Board. Nominations can be made by an individual, by a class or by the Foundation's Board of Directors.

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Ellen Gussman Adelson ('54)
• Board of Trustees, Univ. of Tulsa and Cornell Univ.
Dr. David Allen ('40)
• Noted Psychiatrist
William J. Allen ('43)
• All-Star Hall of Fame Coach
Duff Arnold ('45)
• Distinguished Flying Cross and Other Decorations
Paul Harvey Aurandt ('36)
• Nationally Acclaimed Radio Newscaster
Jimmie A. Baker ('38)
• Television Production
Florence Lloyd-Jones Barnett ('30)
• Civic Leader and Philanthropist
Sharon Raines Bartlett ('59)
• Civic Leader
R. Garvin Berry, Jr. ('43)
• President Central High School Foundation
Ralph Blane ('32)
• Hollywood and Broadway Composer
Daniel Boorstin ('29)
• Pulitzer Prize Winning Historian and Librarian of Congress
Betty Boyd ('41)
• Television Broadcaster
Chester Cadieux ('50)
• Business Executive - President Quik Trip
Johnnie H. Cherblanc ('55)
• President Tulsa Central High School Foundation
Ed Dumit ('47)
• Producer, Director And Performer
Martin Fate ('51)
• Public Utility Executive - Former President PSO
Beryl Ford ('43)
• Noted Tulsa and Oklahoma Historian and Collector of Memorabilia
Charles R. Ford ('49)
• Oklahoma State Senator
Mary Lou Glossop ('29)
• Skilled Book Reviewer
Joan K. Hastings ('49)
• Nationally Recognized Legislator
Ben G. Henneke (Ph.D.) ('31)
• University President - Tulsa University
Margaret Anne Graham Holt ('49)
• Figure Skating Champion and Olympic Skating Judge
Bob Hower ('42)
• Television Personality
James M. Inhofe ('53)
• Political Leader -United States Senator
Howard Kauffman ('40)
• Oil Corporation Executive - Former President Exxon
Roxana Rozsa Lorton ('59)
• Civic leader, Oklahoma Hall of Fame
Arthur McElroy ('39)
• Designer-Inventor
Melvin R. Moran ('47)
• Okla. Hall of Fame, founder of Jasmine Moran Children's Museum
Mary Ellen Miller ('40)
• Political Analyst
George Norvell ('25)
• Mayor of Tulsa
Marcia Larson Odell ('63)
• International Humanitarian Projects
Jay Phillip O'Meilia ('45)
• Who's Who in American Art
Prier Price ('42)
• Noted Historian of Tulsa History
Tony Randall/Arthur Rosenberg ('37)
• Film, Stage and Television Actor
John Reese, Jr. ('39)
• First Tulsa High School Graduate to Receive the Medal of Honor
Charles Schusterman ('53)
• Philanthropic Donor - Education Advocate
Albert Ernest Schwab ('38)
• Received the Medal of Honor -for bravery in action on Okinawa on May 7, 1943.
Sidney Selinger ('34)
• Civic Leader And Fund Raiser For Cystic Fibrosis
Dr. Wayman R. Spence ('52)
• Publisher of Health Education Materials
John Starks ('83)
• NBA Basketball star
Billy D. Tubbs ('53)
• Championship Basketball Coach, Big Eight Coach of the Year
Dana Sue Grimes Walker ('59)
• Newspaper Journalist and Supporter of Tulsa Non-Profit Organizations
Mary Wallace Warner ('49)
• Civic Leader
T. D. Williamson, Jr. ('31)
• First President and Founder Central High School Foundation
R. James Woolsey ('59)
• Director of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
Carol Lynn Gilmer Yellin ('37)
• Free Lance Writer Editor Consultant
Henry Zarrow ('34)
• Civic Leader and Philanthropist
Jack Zarrow ('43)
• State and Civic Leader
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